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Perfect for sports and outdoor activities

There are few landscape surfaces that provide a continuously green area, while being so flat as to accommodate sports and other outdoor activities.  

 There is a misconception that you can’t have a lawn without using excessive amounts of water.  We believe that a properly installed and managed lawn can be enjoyed without using excessive amounts of water through the use of high efficiency irrigation nozzles, smart irrigation controllers and sound maintenance practices.

If the conditions call for it we may also recommend alternatives to traditional lawns such as No-mow or synthetic turf.  No mow lawns are a relatively new option for reducing water usage in the landscape. This type of grass is ideal for those who want the look of a green lawn without the weekly maintenance of mowing that adds cost and increases your carbon footprint.

Synthetic lawn is another option for the environmentally conscious, or for people who just don’t want the weekly maintenance of a traditional grass lawn.  Synthetic lawn is generally more expensive to install but will save in water and maintenance costs over time.